Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Hi Richard, anything jog your memory?
Think 'Alice in Wonderland' programming in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, Gallilee. British Inteligence's 'sign of five' club. The 'Russian' course where we met our Russian counterparts from the KGB.
The Johannites and the P2 Jesuits who ran British Intelligence. We, apostles of the doctrine of Lucifer, eh? What a great time we had laughing at the Christians, Jews and Muslims who were not privy to the 'truth' behind their religious iconography.


Alpha Delta said...

Does the 'writing desk' have anything to do with the 'raven' in Alice in Wonderland mind control programming?

anon said...

Is that Gihon Spring? The one British Intelligence calls 'riding the snake'?

Phil said...

I think that the pictures of seashells are supposed to denote 'silence' or death.

A friend of mine told me that British Intelligence used to take their trainees to various sites (St Pauls Cathedral was a common one - where the 'round table' is located) in order to impress upon them the importance of this threat.

Mick said...

Did MI6 start Alice in Wonderland programming or was it the FBI?

Mick said...

Who is the 'raven' at the writing desk? Can you tell us? I can only read 'emet' which means truth in Hebrew but is also an Irish name.

Saree said...

Is the Richard in question, Richard Tomlinson? Who are you?

RHP said...

Check out the other sites:

anne-marie said...
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Lisa said...

I am another one off the infamous 'Russian course'.

What do you think about David Icke's work?

His CRUSADE against the 'snake' people?

Is he misguided and really one of the 'Sons of G-d' i.e. heavily programmed as a remote viewer but hasn't regained his memories of British Intelligence torture and abuse.

Or has he been programmed as an anti-Semitic agent and is now being used as a puppet for British Intelligence?

Unfortunately, I have to go with the latter. Poor man. He seems rather likeable.

What do you think?

Jean said...

I believe that Icke is a good man because he has done a lot of good in exposing the plans of the New World Order. He has access to insider information and that can only come from British Intelligence and or the Masons.

However, he is also a 'disinformation' agent - remember training?

He is being set-up to herald a new and poisonous strike at the Jewish people and he has not revealed his full hand of cards yet i.e. he has not directly named the Hebrews as the 'snake' people but he will do.

It is only a matter of time.

The Nazis are intent on finishing off what they started to do.

My mother was in the Maqui and fought the Nazis side by side, with the SOE. I will not let this disinformation continue to circulate.

Mr Icke is misguided. He does however know a great deal about Illuminati experimentation with the genes. This is correct.

I pity him. He should try to 'wake up' and regain his memories. It might just save his soul.

RHP said...

Jean (French name?)

David Icke was on one of the MI5 courses. Every prospective candidate to the BBC has to go undergo at least a few 'indoctrination' sessions.

I should know, I used to run them. However, Mr Icke would have been on one, before my time.

In view of what he is writing about, it is most probable that he also has the 'snake' DNA and has managed to get the lid off in terms of programming.

However, SIS has now decided to use him against others who carry the same genes. He is currently blind to this and therefore easily re-programmed with whatever information they want to disseminate.

You are right, he has to wake up to this but probably won't. He is a feather in MI6's disinformation campaign cap, at present.

A 'rising star'.

Shoot the bird of folly as it flies.

Ricky said...

Have any of you visited my contribution to this exposure, yet?

Mock Turtle said...

I suppose that the major question must be then:

Was the Illuminati cult really 'communist' as Manningham-Buller tried to tell us new 'recruits' in 1980?

Were the Royal Family also 'communists' as she also tried to tell us?

Excuse me, whilst I try to stop choking with laughter.

NO. They were fascists who had decided to fly the communist flag as a bluff and a blind...having realised from the example of the USSR, that extreme communist and fascist states, were pretty much the same thing.

Therefore they decided to proclaim themselves as 'communists'. Nobody in the UK in 1980, was going to buy fascism. Not even naive 16-21 year olds under mind control. Hitler had managed to fool everybody with 'National Socialism' so why not play the same trick again? It worked the last time.

30 million Russian soldiers died in WWII, defeating the fascists. How many from the UK - a couple of million?

Political pundits point to Russia nowadays and complain about the centralisation of government and a return to the 'Stasi' by ex-KGB Chief - President Putin.

Let us look at this another way...remember Beslan? If you had MI6 throwing mind control terrrorists at all of your borders and blowing up children's schools, wouldn't you try and centralise your government and shore up your resources?

(We all know how little regard P2 British Intelligence places upon the lives of young children.)

What else could be done in such a terrible situation?

A dissident Russian spy then apparently gets 'murdered' by the Russian FSB...if it had been in Afghanistan then I would think, okay, might be true...the fact that it was in don't believe it in the slightest.

Who dusted those planes then? Who scattered radioactive particles in takes two to tango and they had been in UK airports as well as Russian ones...

Whosoever did it - wanted the whole thing to become public and why? To 'finger' Putin.

If the Russians had wanted the dissident dead - they would have arranged an accident which no one could prove either way...

To conclude, is Russia and her associates now bent on turning the whole world into an NWO state? I don't think so. I could be wrong but I very much doubt it.

Queen of clubs said...


There are now only three cults operating in this former circle of 6.

Time for a celebration one might think but until there are NO 'chairs' around the 3 Illuminati 'round tables' cannot say that this Illuminati cult has completely bitten the dust.

Only 3 to go then, I wonder which one will be left as 'piggy in the middle' whilst all the others standing round, laughing at them?

In addition, I remember Daldry talking about the 'snake-lines' i.e. 4 tile patterns on this floor as being 'esoteric' i.e. the yellow is a square in the centre, surrounded by a thick black line.

This is their image of the sun that they worship and the black is the potential eclipse of this god. Their most important rites are performed at this time.

The snake-lines represent the 'Hebrew' or should one say 'Semitic genes'...the unfortunate people who carry the 'knowledge' and ability to time travel and who have been used and abused by this cult...

These green snake-lines are placed around the sun.

One of these circles was broken by a woman or women - according to the 'flowers' tile which has replaced a 'green' snake tile. How long ago this was, I have no idea.

The Illuminati god appears to have been threatened. How silly. Their god does not exist. What they are tapping into are demonic forces which seek to destroy G-ds creation. They are being used by these forces. Therefore one cannot take their whole structure too seriously, anymore.

It has been exposed as a false religion and philosophy. A cult based on the debasement and slavery of human beings. A cult which has been trying to destroy the whole world, led by deluded fools who think that they have found a way to escape the wrath and punishment of G-d, for their sins and crimes against his creation.

Their 'get out of jail free' card?

Remember that?

The creation of mind control 'sons of god'.

They thought that they had found a way to create Christ-like human beings who could then, under mind control, descend into hell in order to release the evil souls of their brethren. Those who would then reincarnate and do the same for them when the time came.

(P2 British Intelligence members also get the local bishop/archbishop to give them 'unconditional pardons' as part of their last rites. Check out Dennis Wheatley's family friends!)

How insane is that?

How desperate were these people to try and find a way to cheat their way out of hell and damnation for running the slave-trade and other terrible practices...

RHP said...

Thought I'd like to update the list of recent friendly contributions:

MI5 Russian course agent speaks out.

MI6 drone said...

A copy of an email which I have sent to our 'mutual friend':


Still 'walking like an Eygptian' or have you seen the light yet?

As you have probably guessed, I am not talking about ECT or the 'light of Lucifer'.

The 'Egyptian' genes are useless. The genes of cruel and stupid British Monarchist slave-masters bent on saving their own sick and sub-standard genes by the exploitation of others.

Got it yet?

How about a little more honesty on your blog.

Remember - it all began with the despicably evil British slave-trade and never went away. The lengths these corrupt and satanic animals went to in order to rationalise, mystify and obfuscate the plain evidence of their guilt.

This British Intelligence cult has lasted for over a hundred years - don't you think that it is time that people like yourself, owned up and exposed it all? Or will you condemn others to the most appalling suffering.

Ant said...

Dear Gloria,

Before I attempt to answer your questions, an overview and background knowledge is necessary:-


European Royal Monarchies and aristocracy

-sun king (god-like status)


-selective breeding

-bad genes - insanity/idiocy and hereditary diseases

Natural selection (i.e. Darwinian theory) would have wiped them out sooner or later. The end was coming by the 'age of enlightenment'.

However, as a US Microsoft programmer once clarified with an amusingly anecdotal story:

The Monarchists developed a new breeding pattern called F-U-C-K (fornication under consent of the King).

What did this mean?

It's quite obvious really, the Monarch had the final say upon whom his offspring bred with.

The ordinary people, hearing of this new regulation, decided to call it 'fuck'. The etymiological root of this 'anglo-saxon' swearword.

Anyway, the basic idea was that 'new blood' had to be injected into the old bloodlines which were deteriorating fast into madness, 'learning disabilities' and blood-related disorders i.e. haemophilia. In essence, the Monarchies and their aristocracies were becoming the biological rejects of the gene pool and they had to do something about it.

In short, DNA became a 'god' to these royal circles - it was the only thing which could save them from this terrible fate.

A huge amount of money was then ploughed into this early research and kept highly secret.

The disgrace at this sort of public admission would be too great too bear.

Scientists, doctors and quacks were given limitless budgets. No moral or ethical rules applied to their research. They were allowed to proceed as they wished and they did. This situation is ongoing and this research is currently still in operation.

The British Intelligence Services were employed during the 20th century and authorised by the Crown, to find suitable new 'recruits'.

The Masons who run the BMA (British Medical Association) were also employed, to trawl the public lists (databases now) in order to find the exact DNA coding which suited their needs. This is the manner in which prospective 'candidates' were chosen, on the 'X' chromosone factor.

Nevertheless, the Monarchy and aristocracy were not content with goals such as 'above average intelligence' or a healthy mind and body. They wanted to be superior to the people they ruled, in every respect i.e. gods.

Hence the research done on Psi, Theta and Epsilon brainwave patterns.

The people who led this research in the Intelligence Services and the Military were culled from the upper-classes and (one hates to say this), none to bright themselves - the 'Officer' class.

Ex-Zombie said...

You mean that when Manningham-Buller told us to kneel down in order for her to use us as a footstool - there was no trace of irony? Heh, heh.

I wouldn't use the Mad Bull or her ilk as a footstool - I like to keep my feet clean;-)

Ex-Zombie said...


You have started the 'history of mind control' in British Intelligence ( - or touched upon it with your references to brainwave programming.

I would like to continue, if I may.

Genetic research in the UK began far earlier than the mainstream historians would like to suggest. It began in the 1830s.

In 1980, British Intelligence were experimenting with far more sophisticated equipment than that poor fool of a Took has managed to 'invent' at the University of Warwick. They had already perfected techniques by which one could move objects around a screen simply by 'thought' i.e. brainwaves and electrodes. This knowledge, is only being leaked to UK universities now and on a small drip feed.

Let us cast our minds back to the 1800s and look at which groups of people were being targeted for genetic experimentation. The British Monarchy and their associates, conformed to the societal prejudice and stereotyping that Jews were genetically more intelligent than the rest of us. Untrue. One could argue that it is Jewish culture which has done much to promote education in a similar way to that of eastern cultures but one also has to say that the original Hebrew genes had already been diluted within Europe to the point of almost complete assimiliation into the gentile population - despite Jewish groups maintaining their bloodlines. Nowadays, roughly a third of European, gentile males carry what has been identified as the 'Jewish' gene.

The Monarchists believed that the Jews were a cut above the rest in terms of intellectual capacity for knowledge and understanding i.e. they had 'superior' genes in this respect.

The Jews were also seen as an extremely dangerous threat to those in aristocratic circles. Why? They were 'too clever' by half and the aristocracy knew only too well, their own genetic inferiority, not just in respect to the Jews but to the rest of society in general.

The two main factors in this arena: brains versus Old Money.

By the end of the 19th century, the Jews had made a large amount of money out of banking. Why banking? They had been denied any other profession, having even been de-barred from trades and crafts guilds in Europe. The only 'profession' open to them in European society, had been money-lending.

This made the Jewish people of Europe, doubly dangerous to the Monarchies and aristocracies: brains and money.

To make matters worse, the Jews were then rallied by Theodore Herzl to petition for their ancient homeland: Israel. The homeland they had been praying for, for over a millenium. They now had the money and general clout to do so in European society.

This was to constitute an incredibly serious threat to the powers that be and they decided to 'indoctrinate' Herzl and use him as a puppet. They then sent him back to his people with the offer of a homeland in Uganda. Now, if you were Jewish, would you really accept such an offer? The Jews rejected the offer.

Things began to look very difficult indeed for the European Monarchists. They had been used to kicking the Jews out of their countries, then stealing their money, possessions, land by pogroms and genocide, wiping out whole Jewish communities, villages and towns. The Jews now had too much money and power in European society for them to even attempt such a thing.

Therefore the more 'intelligent' members of the Monarchies and aristocracies, had to think up a new plan.

Give them Israel but control it via British administration and authority over immigration and citizenship. Then take their money (in payment for this huge condescension) and their land. The money they were allowed to take with them to this newly created British-run State would then be supervised and controlled by the Monarchists.

Good idea so far. It worked.

Allenby was sent in to do exactly that.

British Officers then ordered the Jews who were escaping the gas chambers of Europe to form military units and forced them to serve under their authority. These people who were arriving on the refugee ships were barely capable of refusing and in the main, they didn't.

The British Officers supplied the Jews with armaments, then organised and ordered them to attack the indigenous Arab populations in Israel, to force them off their land.

The Jews were put into the most terrible dilemma: behave in the same way as their Nazi oppressors in Europe, by attacking indigenous populations and throwing them off their land - or face certain death at the hands of the British.

A choice that we all know about - having served in military intelligence. Disobey or question orders and you face death.

The biggest question of all is: would the Jews have done this if they had been given a choice in the matter? Would they have willingly entered into such violent and bloody skirmishes with the Arab (and other) indigenous populations on the land at that time?

Or would they have made peace with their neighbours and assimilated into their societies as they had done so in ancient times, before and after the Roman colonisation of Jerusalem (and also in Spain later on)?

Or would they have attacked the Arabs and other populations anyway? How could they have done, arriving off ships, half-dead and despairing - without guns. It was the British who supplied them with armaments and made them fight. They were too weak to resist the British and their plans for the region.

The British Monarchy. The Royal Satanic Battleship had gone into overdrive.

They had decided upon a plan and that was to create their own Satanic version of Zion and at whatever cost, they would control the whole operation.

Most people only understand the word 'Zion' as being Jewish yet the Christians have talked about 'Sion' for centuries. The French set up Priories of Sion, all over the world.

The Royal Arch Freemasons had their own brand of 'Zionism' and at that point, they had more money and power than any other group.

What is Royal Arch Freemasonry Zionsim?

The worship of Lucifer the Light-bringer.

Ant said...

What is Royal Arch Freemasonry Zionism?

An interesting question and good answer:

The worship of Lucifer the Light-Bearer.

How did it all begin?

Well, the British Monarchy and the aristocracy knew full well what was going on in the colonies of the British Empire but they were quite happy to keep their coffers filled with the taxes levied from the middle-classes.

They knew about the millions of slaves who were being worked to death on the plantations. In some colonies, the slaves were not even given food and water, women gave birth in the fields and then died along with their offspring. Auschwitz was similar.

What was the response to this of the British Monarchy and aristocracy?

It is fascinating to look at what depths, guilt can drive a person to, what lengths he or she will go to in order to try and expiate their burden of shame. The insane beliefs created by deluded minds, intent on saving their souls from damnation.

The British Monarchy and aristocracy decided to try and keep their souls immortal - this quest was driven by their very real fear of hell and damnation when they died.

Hence the insane experiments in mind-splitting to create 'sons of god' who would descend into hell and rescue their evil souls. Laughable but unfortunately true.

Alters are the product of mind-splitting. They are the fragmented soul of 'I' of a person. During torture, a person can OBE (out of body experience) because the NDE (near death experience) ensures this.

The mistaken belief of the Monarchists was that they could mind-split and trap their 'alters' into rocks, flasks, bottles (any sort of container really) - rather like the old magicians of folkloric legends i.e. Arabian Nights...or the many magi in the bible/Torah.

Read the Book of Daniel for a blow-by-blow account of how the King of Babylon created 'sons of god' and remote viewers from his Hebrew slaves.

These trapped alters were then put into a fertilised human egg and implanted into one of their chosen 'mothers of darkness' i.e.who would bear the next Queen or King incumbent. The idea being that the dead Monarch or member of the aristocracy, would then reincarnate!

The Monarchists also decided to implant their 'royal' DNA outside the Royal nest i.e. as 'cuckoos' in other nests.


So that they could then use these blood relatives to govern society in all its aspects.

The chosen mothers had no idea that they were being used as 'brood mares' and tend to refer to themselves as the 'goose who lays the golden eggs'.

The Monarchists then kept records of where their DNA had been implanted outside of the Royal lineage.

Eggs with their DNA strands were implanted into women chosen for their 'superior genes',who had been put under mind control.

A clue to an 'Illuminati' mother is that she will tend to refer to her child as a 'starfish' - the five-pointed star. The Duchess calls her baby a 'starfish' in Alice in Wonderland programming. (Alice later discards the poor child, referring to it as as a 'pig').

Hence the huge amount of 'bastard' children, who were then picked to be the next leaders, politicians, writers, artists of the next generation. This was to be an almost entirely successful operation in my generation but judging by the general mediocrity of UK society in terms of philosophical thought, literature, arts and science, maybe not such a good idea!

These 'bastards' were supposed to not only have a few of the 'royal' DNA strands, some of them were also supposed to have super-human abilities which had been put in via British Intelligence training i.e. alters with photographic memories, abnormal strength etc. However these 'alters' cannot be accessed by anyone apart from the Illuminati programmer i.e. controller at British Intelligence.

In general, the Royal Arch Freemasonry Satanic cult was divided into those who carried the 'Egyptian' genes i.e. the royal circles and those who had the genes of the slave class i.e. 'Hebrew' genes.

This follows on from the tremendous fear that the British royal circles had of Hebrew intelligence and the need to suppress and control it.

The British royal circles were aiming for immortality i.e. the symbol of this is their Masonic wavy sword - one can see the blue/green wavy flame in one of the underground caverns in Jerusalem. They believed their souls to be damned and these two techniques were ways in which to cheat hell and damnation.

Did either of the two techniques actually work though?

The transferral of a soul from one body to a fertilised egg and the idea that one could actually create a 'son of god' who could descend into the underworld and free their souls.

No, on both accounts.

What is interesting about the entire, sordid and despicable enterprise is that the Intelligence Services started to graft the DNA of their own heroes and heroines from the SOE, in order to create 'elite' agents.

They also used the DNA of SS Nazi officers to breed their own new officer class.

The Hebrew DNA recruits were told that they would not live past 30 years old and would then be 'thrown off the freedom train'. This is how dangerous 'Hebrew' DNA was perceived to be, by the ruling classes.

The project failed.

However, it did leave a large amount of their bemused recruits with the vague notion that they had had a past life as either an SS officer, as one of the SOE or as a Jewish person from the holocaust.

The grafted-on DNA had memories at a cellular level and these were communicated through dreams and flashbacks.

People who have had transplants sometimes complain of having 'picked up' the habits of the donor - a scientific mystery at the time of writing but one that will be doubtless be explained in the fullness of time.

Black Crow said...

Has anyone given the details of the hotel in which the snake-lines are?

New (Modern) Imperial Hotel, Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem.

I don't want to make this whole blog like an advertising scam for the hotel or worry their manager unduly by too many customers visiting the site and ringing reception but this has all got to be exposed and the more people who see it all for themselves, the better.

Nemesis said...

Nemesis 덧글 내용...
Are we in the business of naming and shaming?

I think that we should begin the process of naming Illuminati operatives:

Andrew Marr, Trinity College, Cambridge

Nicole Martin, Christ's College, Cambridge

Christopher Howse, St John's College

Celia Walden, Newnham College, Cambridge

Paul Gent, St Edmund Hall, Oxford

Charles Moore, Trinity College, Cambridge

Ralph said...

New blogsites up - exposing current MI5 Director-General Eliza Manningham-Buller and erstwhile 'chief' Stella Rimington at:

Godot has arrived! said...

Seen these new blogspots yet?

Heads are rolling...

Black Rabbit said...

From the journal of a high-level 'carrier pigeon' messenger for the Illuminati cult:

"The Well of Souls (Arabic:Bir el- Arweh) is the name of a natural cave located immediately beneath the Sakhrah (the Foundation Stone) in the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In addition to a small well shaped hole in the stone that looks into the cave, there is also an entrance on the southern side, via a set of steps passing through a gap between the stone and the surrounding bedrock.[1] The cave takes the form of a moderately sized room[2] (similar in floor space to the stone), the ceiling curving to the ground gently, and the floor having been flattened and carpeted. The southern end of the cave, through which the steps enter it, has man-made walls[3] to provide structural support to the cave roof above the steps.
Rabbi David ben Solomon ibn Abi Zimra attested to the existence of a cave, found under the Dome of the Rock,[4] known as the Well of Souls.
Since Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad ascended heavenwards from the stone, a related tradition has grown up that states that the Last Judgment will happen at the Sakhrah, and that the souls of the dead gather in the well of souls to wait for that event, and to pray."

This is it - this webpage on Wikipedia THE WELL OF SOULS explained EVERYTHING for me - I finally got what had happened below Temple Mount.

Firstly - look at the aerial photograph of it on Wikipedia - it looks like the reverse image of the Illuminati 'rabbit' drawing that they showed us early on - complete with the 'eye'.

Secondly the 'well of souls' is supposed to be a 'moderately sized' room - that was PRECISELY what I had stood in - in pitch dark blackness but knew it to be a cave in the rock - with Scarlett and Rimington BEFORE falling down the relatively small hole in the ground - missing the rungladder but riccochetting off its back wall into the rung ladder and getting stuck between the wall and ladder as a feet and hands found the rungs - very lucky indeed - as Rimington was to laugh about - they had had a nasty accident with one guy - who managed to impale himself on the spikes below.

Rimington had laughed at me in this 'well of souls' - I could hear people above and threatened to scream for help. She mentioned the people above and you could hear them faintly and how anyone screaming from that room would disturb them all greatly. I can see why now - the Muslims believe that the souls of the dead will congregate in this room - on the day of the Last Judgement. Anybody heard screaming from this 'well of souls' would be supposed to be a 'soul of the dead'. I guess that it what the guy had sounded like - the one who had impaled himself.

The article about the 'well of souls' states that this room is now carpetted...I would guess that a manhole cover has also been put down this tunnel underground from that cave-like room.

"According to pre-Islamic folklore, the well of souls was a place where the voices of the dead could be heard along with the sounds of the Rivers of Paradise, as, according to the folklore, the cave is located on top of the Abyss of Chaos; the cave is now known to have no exit apart from those leading to the surface of the Sakhrah, and the sounds have been argued to be a resonance effect similar to hearing the sea from seashells. The well of souls is sometimes conflated with the guf, a location in Jewish mythology, where the souls of the not-yet-born are stored, though the guf is usually considered to be a more heavenly location than an earth-bound one.
The Well of Souls is sometimes considered the hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant in legends stating that the Ark was hidden beneath the Temple Mount, but removed when Solomon's temple was destroyed by the neo-Babylonians. In this context it appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark, although relocated to Tanis, Egypt."

One can see from the above information that nobody visiting the Dome of the Rock and hearing faint wailing from below...would want to find out
who was making that would be framed as a 'religious experience' - that one had heard the 'souls of the dead'.

In addition, one can see that 'according to the folklore, the cave is located on top of the Abyss of Chaos', apparently nobody on the Internet knows about this 'Abyss of Chaos' underneath the 'well of souls' apart from this article...couldn't find any other mention of it.

I know exactly what this 'Abyss of Chaos' beneath the Well of Souls means: it means Herod's Temple - used by the Templars for their evil rites.

Let me go over the events again...down the steps under the Dome of the Rock to that underground chamber called THE WELL OF SOULS - no light put in it - although I now have the distinct impression that I was shown this small room AND the red carpet on the floor AND a stand-up lamp in the corner at some point although have NO knowledge of this room on this side of the mirror...however, I was then taken there again and in complete darkness... - then down the rung ladder and a crawl through the rock - via a small hole made by a natural stream which had long since dried up - the TINTIN book about BLACK ISLAND (used on Illuminati programming as a mind control text by British Intelligence to 'cover' memories of abuse) also has a similiar tunnel which reminded me again of the whole experience and so prompted me to look up the Dome of the Rock again...Anyway the crawl through the rock would take one AWAY from the Dome of the underneath ANOTHER place on Temple Mount.

I can guess where THAT would be: the memory of walking around on Temple Mount with Rimington and Scarlett...her asking where I thought the
'temple' was and my pointing to that 'chessboard' with the 'rock sculpture pieces' upon it - in front of the Arabic Museum.

Rimington was messing around with my mind - she said 'no' and that 'everyone said that'...she then pointed to the other side of the Dome of the Rock and said that the Jews believed that their Temple had once stood over there and were planning to build their new one in that location.

This puzzled me no end...I had assumed that she was referring to that Masonic Temple underground to which we had all been taken for that terrible 'induction' into the OTO cult - underneath Temple Mount and like all of the others, who had been asked the same question - had immediately psychicly guessed that this was in fact, beneath that demonic 'rock piece' chessboard between the Islamic Museum and Al Aqsa Mosque - on the other side of the Dome of the Rock. It makes sense - the Templars and Imams were known to have a very 'cosy' relationship - when they all lived together in the Dome of the Rock.

This was what Rimington and Scarlett were to call 'HEROD'S TEMPLE'.

I wonder now...perhaps it was more accessible in that epoch. One can see that many of the early peoples, carved their houses into the rock...or used natural caves (and put windows and doors into them) which are all over the surrounding hills of they most probably did the same with Herod's the Assyrians did with their Temples...built them into the rock face. However, over the centuries...this 'cave cities' became buried.
The City of David is a case in point - just outside the walls of the Old City.

Herod is known to have been a 'conquering king' and not necessarily Jewish at all - most historians figure a Babylonian heritage and his Temple would
have been in keeping with whatever gods he worshipped - Sharon told me that in Sephardic history - Herod was recorded to have rounded up all of the
Jewish Rabbis and murdered them all - apart from one that he blinded and kept his prisoner - as a sort of 'seer'.

"...the cave is now known to have no exit apart from those leading to the surface of the Sakhrah"...

Why 'now known'?

Peculiar wording...suggesting that it was once known 'otherwise'...and it was once known that there was another exit to the 'well of souls' because I took
it down that rung ladder and via the small 'naturally carved' tunnel...further underground to Herod's Temple.

The ex-Microsoft guy who told me about the Palestinian excavations which were proceeding in that very area to determine why Al Aqsa Mosque AND
the Dome of the Rock were upon such shaky ground...there were splits beginning to occur in the beams and general supports for both buildings...and
something underground was causing them. One could guess where that might stem from...and would also assume that this excavation had found that secret Herod's what did they do about it? I searched the Internet for any references to this excavation after returning from Jerusalem but found guess is that they would have filled it in fast...the whole underground chamber beneath the well of souls. I do not suppose that the Muslim world would be ready to hear that there was a demonic Bablylonian Temple almost underneath Al Aqsa Mosque. It would take the rug from underneath their feet, in many ways.

One also has to say that certain Imams would have already been aware of it - along with the descendents of the Templars.

Perhaps then it was simply by necessity, in order to keep up the 'sham' of the public religion above ground - in the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque that the Illuminati had to do something about this underground cavern - making it impossible for them to use it anymore for 'inductions' into the cult.
If one were a cynic about the whole thing...maybe that was the way that it all went. If both of those edifices disappeared...all hell would break loose and
the Illuminati wouldn't be able to necessarily use Islam as the chosen NWO religion.

Anyway, as I was visualising the whole secret route underground, in my mind...another image hit me...a metaphorical one:

The Illuminati love to programme with bodily imagery...using the body as a site to store programming.

I suddenly 'saw' the 'well of souls' as the STOMACH. Imagine the stomach as a small roundish cave with the duct down into the intestines...that is
how it looked and felt go down there...then to follow the intestinal tunnel into a huge room...and that is when I thought SOLAR PLEXUS...or rather that large lower colon...need to look this up in a medical text book...the one that looks like an underground lake.

I then realised that this is figuratively, how this horrific 'trip' would have been programmed into brief, our 'souls' were then trapped within our
solar plexuses...this all ties in with my solarised menstrual 'energy' had become trapped in and around the solar plexus...and only the Yogis appear to recognise this phenomenon in women who have solarised menstrual cycles...12 periods a year rather than the normal 13...the 13 that follow the cycle of the Moon...but I had been programmed to follow the 12 monthly cycle of the Sun...the RA Freemasonry cult. A 'sun child' rather than a 'moon child'. This is a Roman/Babylonian cult although the RA Freemasons see the Egyptians as having begun it all - with the Pharoah Akhenaton. Herod appears to have come from the Babylonian region (according to the Sephardim scribes) and if this was really his Temple - then it wasn't Egyptian and it didn't look Egyptian either. It looked vaguely Arabic and Masonic but I have no idea, how modern the interior design was - in 1980 - the usual strange symbols and marbled floor of the anteroom with a big sun on it, in large yellow triangles with black and grey surrounds. It could have been Victorian, for all I know. In fact, it most probably was. It was far too pristine to be ancient - the immaculately carved twisted, stone pillars at the entrance to the main Temple etc...or carefully restored - either way...but I am thinking more 'USA CAFE' type interior design in Budapest...with the same twisted pillars and gold leaf around...sort of fin-de-siecle baroque.

In addition, when one thinks of planets or 'stars'...the Earth is supposed to be molten at the is a burnt-out star in a way...this corresponds to 'centre of the earth' programming. The centre is the 'Sun' of your being. The molten lava and fire and gases.

Anyway, there was a shaft to get out of the main hall of this Temple that lead out from the back of the 'altar' and on the right of it...rather like the shafts that
lead out of the pyramids. We then came out onto high up rocky ground...the type around the whole of Temple Mount. Not sure which location but assume near to Zion Gate and then walked down to a waiting coach below that...and there are many down by the main road on that side of Temple Mount.

What actually happened at the Herodian Temple:

The figures cloaked in black on either side of the Priest at the altar - the Masonic codes and signals - a 'test' - the reading of the symbols on the shield - the 'levitating' golden cup...and I am now beginning to see that this whole thing was a set-up...rather like a David Blane (?) show (and most probably directed by one of those 'Hollywood' CIA operatives in London, from the 1960s e.g. John Waters - those who had incidentally, fooled the Rockefellers into believing in a 'lizard god' in the first place - all smoke and mirrors - special effects - the whole OZ program)...

Then the massive force that materialised above our heads and the Priest and then Rimington trying to get it under control and failing. The materialised 'force' wanted to murder ALL of them upon the spot and it was all I could do to reason with it - telepathically. Something in retrospect, I would never attempt to do again. It would have been better if they had all died - there and then.

When I used those commands...they were telepathic mind control commands to stop the aorta and blood vessels to Rimington's heart...and to close the Priest's throat...this was done via the 'force' that appeared...after they had made me sit on that 'throne' (and you know the rest - the spike up your anus - electric shock and 'esoteric' experience) and I am thinking the combined telepathic force of quite a few people here...but someone KNEW the codes of those bastards...and had wanted them all dead...and gave me those images/commands telepathically which I then imposed into the minds of those two...and it worked. One can see just how dire the mind control programming of both Rimington and Scarlett had be able to implant such a 'thought' as in 'mind control command' into their minds and then to make their bodies actually 'do' it but those familiar with mind control programming know that this is easily possible by the spoken word but by telepathy?

Anyway, after the Priest and Rimington had collapsed upon the floor, everyone was made to disrobe and then this 'wind' or 'force' followed us out of the underground Temple - it rushed past us...and exited via the rock doorway in the side of the Mount...rather like what had happened at the Templar
Castle...when President Putin smashed the Templars' ORB...we had to let it out of the Castle...and did so...the strange white force that lit up the sky over the burning Castle...that the British Army was to register as a possible chemical explosion that had occurred within it and wanted to know what exactly had been kept in that Castle...and I kept quiet about it at the time - figuring that they would never believe me - pearls before swine.

In addition, what Mark (a 'dissident' Rockefeller) had told me about the 'rock' in the Dome of the Rock sucking up the soul energy from those of us programmed there...CANNOT now be true and on several accounts...firstly that we were not below the Dome of the Rock anymore and so whatever rock was above us...wasn't the rock in the Dome of the fact, what was directly above us...was an evil sculpture of ourselves as 'rock pieces' on a evil Illuminati joke no doubt...we had all been turned into 'rock people'...and guess what I am thinking now...the ROCKEFELLERS. Secondly, that at the Templar Castle near Mons, France 2001...this soul energy was kept prisoner in an ORB - which had some anti-gravity mechanisim but no idea what to make of that...

All I can guess is that someone, somewhere at that point (the guy working the mechanism behind the curtain? The one who made the golden cup elevate by wires and so obviously...) had found a similar ORB and smashed it, to release such powerful energy...and to then watch the fireworks that the Priest tried to take 'it' on in a psychic match and lost...

Or maybe it was an accident...accidents do happen now and any rate...I do not think that this was to do with the properties of the 'rock' above
us at all...although one could say that metaphorically, it was the Rockefeller family, sucking up our energies...

All I can say is that I had a mind-link to this force and subsequently experienced what happened, through myself at the time...

General notes on British Intelligence mind control programming in the tunnels under Jerusalem:

If however, one came from the in under the MI Hotel...or the in the 'crocodile tunnel' from Bathsheba's pool...then one might come a cropper with the 'minotaur'...or rather horrible memories of this 'British Crown jewels' programming en route...I have no idea where the 'gorgon' was supposed to be situated in these underground tunnels...or maybe that was the whole point of 'riding the snake' down Warren's mineshift in the City of David...

I suppose that the graduates would have had to enact out 'failing' to save the chained princess on the rock at some point because Daldry was of the opinion in Prague - that Perseus doesn't manage to save her from being eaten by the sea monster...and one can assume that they also 'failed' to cut the head off the Medusa i.e. Rimington...all part of programming.

Other notes on the programming script used in conjunction with this terrible experience under Temple Mount:

TINTIN: THE BLACK ISLAND - This was the book which must have been used upon all of us on programming in 1980 - in relation to that tiny rock tunnel that leads Tin-Tin into the 'Black Island' Castle - it is virtually identical and Tin-Tin also has to crawl through it - he then meets the ferocious black gorilla (or Tomlinson pretending to be a Minotaur - either way - these stories are all intertwined and mixed up - purposefully)...and I suppose we were always supposed to view our memories of under Temple Mount in a 'Tin-Tin' story sort of way...that was the visualisation and story which was supposed to cover up our memories of the OTO Temple horror underground.

Other notes:

I have been in contact with Israeli Intelligence for some time now...and figure that I have them to thank for so many of these 'clues' - as well as 'scanning my memory banks' to help me on the way to breaking those walls down...retrieving every memory that I could. They must have either known or found out about what the Rockefeller family was up to, under Temple Mount because this wasn't Israeli was Palestinian territory...Moshe Dayan had given the Palestinian Authority control of Temple Mount...and so the Illuminati were in collaboration with the Palestinian authorities who controlled Temple order to conduct these OTO ceremonies underground.

One can see from the 'rock people' chessboard, strategically placed over the Herodian Temple and between Al Aqsa Mosque and the Arabic Museum - that this programming object would have most probably been bought by Rockefeller money - who had funded the whole thing, along with the British Royal Family. It would be interesting to know the date that this 'sculpture' was acquired or donated to the Palestinian authorities in question, on Temple Mount.

Tripseat Flux said...

Anyone here familair with the MI-6/NSA 'Ibis' program? 42 children tracked from birth in the UK. Project atarted july 10th 1972 at Tavistock Institute- Dr Green, Dr Red and Dr Blue in attendence this day.
Major IBIS programming locations-
RAF Alconbury
RAF Upwood
RAF Molesworth
'Bennington Place' ( codename for MI-6/NSA 3 floor safehouse in South London ).
IBIS players
Captain Woodbury ( Maj J Jameson )
Alfred Bonner
Marcus Thomas
Shelley Dean Hamil
Captain Phillips

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